Shuitar B

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Dear customers and shuitar supporters,

Shuitar production has come to an end. I made the first shuitar for myself in 1998. It evolved a little in sound, not too terribly much, by 2010 over about six instruments. At that point I refined the durability and standardized it for production. I built and sold shuitars from 2012-2017 (along with my friend, Chris Johnston with the B).

The point of the shuitar store was to share the idea with strangers. That has gone very well. Now a lot of really fantastic drummers are making creative music with it.

I met so many wonderful people and had nothing but good experiences with it. Shuitars have been sold to 40 states and 11 countries. No one ever mailed one back (that the shipping company didn't smash.) I still play it and believe in it as much as ever. I played a recording session on it two days ago.

It is time to move along now to what I was doing before– messing around with ideas, playing music, staring at fixed objects, cooking food for my kids. I can still be reached through this site for customer support for a while longer.

Thanks so much to everyone! What an excellent time. Remember to follow through on the bridge and don't forget the scratch ring.
Matt Glassmeyer
November 2017

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